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Tech Session Day - 1/27

 | Published on 1/27/2018


Tech Session Day - 1/27

Our Tech session for 2018 started out at the United Artists Theater in La Canada where 12 Healeys and over 15 members met for coffee and car talk to start out our day. 


This Tech session had four distant sessions: • Austin Healey Muffler Refurbishment • Weather Proofing and Side Winder Rubber installation • Carburetor tuning using manometers • Heat Insulation to keep our interiors cool Our Resident Scientist and Chief Science Project Manager, Steve Gerow, started the day with a discussion on refurbishing our Big Healey mufflers. 


Steve initiated the search to find a way to make his muffler reduce the exhaust note.  Using a hacksaw Steve cut his muffler in half just a few inches from the front.  Upon inspection, all of the interior muffler material, usually Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel or Fibrous Material was gone.  Steve used the internet to find a supplier of material in Great Britain (Acousta-fil from Demontweeks) to obtain the Fibrous Acoustical Material used to repack the muffler.  If the method of repair is a success and reduces the exhaust note the membership will have an alternate option for silencing the Big Healey. 


Next, Peter demonstrated the correct fitment of the Healey Top to insure a good seal at the Windscreen.  Though hard to explain, the sealing foam at the Windscreen is critical to a good hood seal.  Peter then went on to demonstrating the replacement of the side window rubber seal installation on his bolt-on windows.  Peter’s technique was to use a dull putty knife and petroleum jelly to install the seal.  Once the seal was installed the excess was trimmed.  Peter pointed out that the forward edge of the seal, which fits in the windscreen frame, is often too long and needs to be trimmed to ensure a proper fit and not push the windshield frame. 


Steve was up again for the Manometer Carburetor Tuning.  Steve had taken on another Science Project: to drill a port in each carburetor downstream of the Butterfly Valve to install a hose connector on each.  Disconnecting the interconnecting linkage and raising the RPM to 2000 Steve adjusted each Carburetor to achieve a balanced vacuum, this means a balanced flow. 


Reconnecting the linkage and now balancing the slow running valve ensured perfect tuning.  Car runs great. 


Our last demonstration was by Ken Rocke, who has discovered a unique and clever method of insulating the Drivers Compartment of a Healey. 


Ken found that using the same insulating material as used in Kitchen Ovens you could insulate the floor of the Healey. 


Ken’s tutorial and exhibits showed how any Healey owner could affect improved cockpit insulation. 


Lunch was provided for the 30 plus attendees and a good day for friends and Healeys came to a close.