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OC Classic C&C 12/11

Alice Johnson | Published on 12/11/2021

OC Classic C&C 12/11

A yet-to-be planned event, is gaining traction in my Alice- head, where Mike Scroggie’s “Nasty Boy” should be parked  next to Richard Schnyder’s TR6 and then would come Bruce Treuhaft’s Bugeye. Beyond all the greens, Dick Ames’ TR3 would then be chatting it up with our BN4 100-6. The burgundy XKE would be way up the line next to Phil Caliva’s “Nasty Boy” and somebody’s orange-something-or-other would be on the other side of the red guys. I can only imagine drone footage of the chrome-and-color layout of the Color Wheel! It would be so beautiful in all of its handsome detail.


My ‘I have a dream’ is to plan, execute, and then capture in my phone, ‘til my heart’s content, a ‘car event’ of robust colors ‘in their order.’ Calendars would be ‘cast in stone’ and other car clubs summoned. Our larger group of vintage automobiles would be parked somewhere fun with designated parking spaces organized and reserved in order of your car’s color... with the Roy G.


Bivs of the local car community replicating the Color Wheel. I can’t even imagine! The December ‘OC Cars and Coffee’, the second Saturday of the month was, this time, at Dana Point Harbor. It seemed as if someone was sort of magically laying out colors in order of tantalizing color...


reminding me to get off the mark and begin planning this show-- the display of primary,  secondary and tertiary moments in car- color and chrome. I could almost see myself,  on-the-ready, putting Pliers on front seats announcing the reservation window had been opened. A morning event which will bank on a one-hundred percent show-rate as your car’s tones plug into the spot that’s ‘a little more’ than the one to your left and ‘a little less’ than the one to your right. ‘Stay tuned’ because, you know, the more I throw this Alice-dream out into the universe, the faster we’ll see it come to fruition. And just whose car should you be proudly parked next to for those few hours of my Color Wheel morning? Be thinking! You won’t want to miss this one!