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Balboa Fun Zone Cars & Coffee 11/13

John Hummer | Published on 11/13/2022

On November 13th, took a brisk Sunday morning ride to the Balboa Fun Zone, for the regular 2nd Sunday of the month meetup, and for a killer croissant breakfast sandwich with good Healey friends. Alice and I were the last ones to get there in our Primrose BN4. Phil Caliva had his ‘65 black over white BJ8, Dex Kaytis was in the ‘60 yellow Bugeye, and Chuck Lakowski was in his white ‘72 Jensen Healey. They had already ordered their sandwiches and were sitting at a table when we got there. No one seemed to be in a hurry, and we all took time to discuss a possible New Year’s Day drive. Something different, at a midway starting point to make it convenient for everybody to attend.


Lots of good ideas were shared and more would be welcomed from others. Anyone have any idea for a good ride? Time was slipping by, so it was time to get to our cars and caravan to the next stop of the day. When we were walking to our cars, we saw Paige and Tom Rubinate in one of their BJ-9s.


Dex mentioned that his alternator was not charging and he was concerned about the Bugeye leaving him stranded with a drained battery. Then this group did what makes them special, figured out the problem, pulled together to come up with a Rix to the problem. A blown fuse needed fixing. A fuse was donated, not quite the right size, but good enough to get Dex going. All of us were there for each other. That’s what is great about this group, we all look out for each other. Down went the hood, the alternator again charging and we were off to the next event.


No one was left behind - we just don’t do that to our good car friends.