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Inland Empire Farmer Boys - 11/5

 | Published on 11/5/2016

Inland Empire Farmer Boys 11/5


Today marked the 2nd anniversary for this event at Farmer Boys in Riverside. We only had four classics but 10 attendees. It was a crack of dawn drive for Sandy and me as we left Redlands a little after 7:00 am. We enjoyed a beautiful sunrise as we drove through San Timeteo Canyon in our modiAied BN2. At the event we were joined by Brad Benson in his Volvo P-1800 wagon. Then Bill Wilkman and Bob Saber arrived in Bill's new Corvette. Ed Neumeyer pulled in with his BJ8 modiAied. We also had Henry and Alex Blazer, Jimmie Davis and Kurt Languirand there just to enjoy the cars and chatter.


Kurt is new to the group. He is a service specialist at Import Auto Supply in San Bernardino. He has a depth of experience on multiple European makes and models. British, Swedish, French and German. He also is a certiAied aircraft mechanic. Needless to say, our group found him easy to converse with about a variety of topics. That's what is great about our small event. It's mostly the same people showing up; but you never know who will drop in and engage the group with fresh stories.


Come join us for breakfast next month on Saturday, December 3rd at Farmer Boys in Riverside, at 2000 E. Alessandro Blvd., at 8:00 am. Who knows who you’ll miss if you're not there?