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Cars in the Canyon - 10/10

Mike Biss and Alice Johnson | Published on 10/10/2020


Cars in the Canyon - 10/10

The cars in the canyon event was held on October 10th this year. It was well attended with over 350 cars in attendance. The event was held at Lakeview Private Park near Irvine lake set in the old silver mine hills of the Santa Ana Mountains. The choice of venue made for picturesque shots of the cars. This year’s event featured several of the Movie Cars from the movie Ford v Ferrari.


The event staff did a great job pulling this together despite the evolving requirements of hosting due to Covid-19.


The show only had about 75 cars pre- registered but with the Covid stay at  home rules a LOT of folks found the need to get their cars out for a beautiful drive and to catch up with old friends. The estimate was that there were over 350 cars in attendance. The OC food bank donations struggled because they could only take food, not cash. However, based on the amount of food collected it looked like they did well.


As usual, our club members did a Great job representing us. In attendance were Phil Caliva, Chuck Lakowski, Dexter Kaytis, John Hummer and Alice Johnson and Steve MagofIin. In addition, Mike Biss, Anna Johansson and Tom Biss, brought a couple of their non-Healey cars.


Tony Trentacost stopped by for a visit and Bruce Hand with his Lotus Super 7 was there as well.


The crew nestled under shady trees and swapped stories and ate donuts.


The show seemed to be mostly a Porsche show with a lot of BMWs and other great cars as well.


One of the highlights were the movie cars from the movie Ford Vs Ferrari. There was an original 350GT Mustang, a 289 cobra, two 906 Carrera Porsches, two 330 P3 Ferraris, two GT-40 MKIIs, a MKIV GT40 and a Daytona coupe Our high point was when Chuck won Best Import for his beautiful white Jensen Healey. That is a testament to his car given the stiff competition. Congratulations Chuck. Would highly recommend this event next year.


Yesterday morning, October 10th, was a new-to-all-of- us, grassy-Iield, cars-on-display show in Silverado  Canyon at Oak Canyon Park. As soon as the ‘Healey group’ got parked in our little bit of heaven, I got a shot so that in Iive years I can go back to the picture in my phone and see who made it to this very special event. Bruce Hand (Lotus guy), Chuck Lakowski, Phil Caliva, Dex Kaytis, Steve MagofIin, John Hummer, TR3 guy, and yours truly (also attending were Tom Biss - MGTD, Mike Biss-Cobra, and Anna Johansson). And, we got a good visit in with a San Gabriel childhood friend of Phil’s named Victor. Small world! Much of the show’s focus, organized by Bill Folmer and Bruce Brown, was on the Ford vs Ferrari movie cars which was, needless to say, highly entertaining for the many car geeks roaming the grassy park. For me, more than the ‘Hollywood cars’ was the entire color wheel on giant display. Vintage, young, teeny, rather-large, British, German, from Detroit or Huntington Beach, every one of them, the cars, were simply prettier than the next.


We were, maybe four hundred strong, in our own compact valley of rich shiny color next to rich shiny color. I’m happy to have spent seven quick hours in a special-car-friends’ folding chairs’ circle (boy, how times have changed for me!) wandering off, taking pics or chatting up names of paint colors, then coming back, taking more pics and circling back around to listen to more of our Healey guys’ stories! Until next year, keep attracting more fun people who continually polish and upgrade their shiny loves and keep conversations going with me, someone who doesn’t really care how many liters your car holds or the cubic inches of your engine. License plates? Now that’s a different story!