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Tustin Legacy Cars & Coffee 8/8

Alice Johnson | Published on 8/8/2021

Tustin Legacy Cars & Coffee 8/8

We referred to Tustin Legacy on the eighth of August as ‘minus Monterey’ which was ‘OK-fine’ by us. It meant zero parking searches, lots of parking for those of us not in our Healey and more ‘quality pics’ without waiting for passersby to pass by.


Once we all gathered, I found a pleasant, unsuspecting, young twenty-something who willingly got our group shot for us and did a mighty fine job.


It was a monumental morning for me.


Why? We had not one but TWO third- generation car lovers with us! Chip, in  from Severa Park MD (my husband John and I are both Baltimoreans) was with his granddad Chuck Lakowski in his white JensenHealey and Andy Xagorarakis-Spangler was there with his granddad’s pride and joy, the Tom Spangler (now Andy’s) pale yellow Bug Eye. We all know how much we love being out in these little British cars, early-early, with their small cockpits, tiny windshield wipers and deep footwells; but for the younger generation to enjoy them as well, it does the heart good. It was a nice event, albeit a bit  smaller than we’re used to, but still for me, tons of rich- color-meets-chrome, and a great group shot! What more  could a woman want?