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Brits at Golden Cove 9/18

Corkey Holt | Published on 9/18/2022

Brits at Golden Cove 9/18

It was a beautiful day for a top-down drive to the Golden Cove shopping center. Some of the attendees were driving down to the Battleship Iowa, BB-61, in San Pedro for a Cars and Camo show. Phil led the drive from Golden Cove to the ship.


The Triumph Club was meeting up at Golden Cove and then taking a drive to the Elk’s Lodge in San Pedro for breakfast.


Club member Barry Jay put a For Sale sign on his 1954 BN1, asking over $71,000.


A nice 50’s Mercury with lots of chrome came and parked with us.


Members attending: Corkey Holt, Chuck and Barbara Meng, Bob Bolling, Barry Jay, Phil Caliva, Flavio Montoro, Dan Burrola, Alice Johnson with John Hummer, Steve Magoffin, Dave Beugen, Gary Jacobson, Chuck Lakowski and Joe Cristerna.