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Peninsula Center Cars & Coffee - 3/7

Corkey Holt | Published on 3/7/2020


Peninsula Center Cars & Coffee - 3/7

It was cool and overcast this morning for the drive up the hill to the crest of the PV Peninsula. Not as many cars showed up with the likelihood of rain. Steve Magoffin parked his newly purchased 1967 BJ8 next to mine, his car a darker BRG than my car, a nice car over all. I think there were 4 or 5 Jensen Healey’s today. Phil drove his old Dodge pick up; yes, he’s now back on the road.


It didn’t start raining until 9:00am, and we all headed home.


I’m going to have to park my Healeys outside to make room for all the toilet paper we have been buying at Costco.


Members attending: Corkey Holt, Dexter Kaytis, Peter Hutchings, Phil and Nancy Caliva, Steve Magoffin, Bob Bolling and Chuck Lakowski.