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Belmont Shore - 3/1

Published on 3/1/2017


Belmont Shore - 3/1

The last Belmont Shore evening meet prior to the     start of daylight savings time brought out the usual     Healey owners plus an assortment of MG's,     Triumphs, as well as other assorted marques.


Among these was a 356 Porsche that had been off     the road for over 30 plus years and was aalmost     finished with a complete restoration. Done in a     new silver paint job and only lacking the glass and     interior. In addition, there was an early 30's vintage     MG in BRG. This from an era when MG’s were     some 50% larger than the "T" series cars we all     recognize. The car was driven by Mike Biss.


Healey owners attending were the aforementioned     Mr. Biss, Jay Miller, Chuck Lakowski, Bob Bolling,     Tom Spangler, and Ken Rocke. Keeping with the     theme of the event "in that you never know what     you are going to find or who you might meet", I met     a couple from Finland who were on a 3 week tour of     California.


They indicated that they knew of the meet from a     web site posting and could not miss seeing the     Healey. Their names were Jeppo Paiomake and Ann     Leinonen and she stated they were from Tampere,     Finland. And, yes she would answer the question     everyone asks. It does snow there,     and it is cold which is why they are     touring sunny California. I asked if     there was a Healey club in Finland?     Jeppo smiled and said he only knew     of 3 Healeys in     Finland, and he     owned 2 of them.


Next meet is April     5th, with an extra     hour to enjoy the     sunset at the beach.