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British Car Night Belmont Shore - 8/7

Published on 8/7/2019


British Car Night Belmont Shore - 8/7

Now that there is no confusion about meeting on the first Wednesday of the month (changed last month because of the 4th of July) Bob, Jay, Ken and I all caravanned down to Belmont Shore taking my favorite scenic route. When we arrived we were greeted by Dex’s big Healey but no Dex. He must be around here somewhere. Turns out that Dex had a really busy day with lots of driving and since he had arrived so early, he walked out on the pier and caught a few winks.


There was a good turnout of British cars, including 4 Jensen Healeys, 5 Big Healeys, one Bug Eye Sprite and a nice assortment of Triumphs, MGs, and a couple of Jags. It was a  great night for a British car get- together. Can’t beat the scenery, the  weather or the conversations.


Someone asked how Ken was able to get a personalized yellow and black license plate. Hmm? Club members attending: Bob Bolling, Phil Caliva, Dex Kaytis, Chuck Lakowski, Jay Miller, Ken Rock, and Tom Spangler.