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Yosemite Healey Week - Car Show Winners

 | Published on 7/5/2016
Yosemite Healey Week - Car Show Winners
Originally scheduled to be held at Goat Meadow, a location outside the Park proper and off the beaten path, the car show was actually held in the area around the Redwoods Event Center. Ed Neumeyer, Car Show Director and Planner, managed to squeeze close to 100 cars into an unimaginably small space.  When the popular votes were counted the top three places by category were:




 1st - Steve and Pat McHarris, So. California

2nd – Jim and Janet Cregg, So. California

3rd – Brian and Naomi Bliven, Golden Gate




1st – Marty Hovivian, Southern California

2nd – Roger and Donna Hawk, Golden Gate

3rd – Shona Nock, Golden Gate



1st – Pat Layhon and Carewen Gylling, Cascades

2nd – Alan and Kathy Roberts

3rd – Allan and Tina Perry, So. California



1st – Peter and Alexandra Roses, So. California

2nd – Scott Tisdale, Southern California

3rd – Jeff and Diane Boysen, So. California




1st – Fred and Leanne Miller, Golden Gate

2nd – Capt. Dave Grundies, San Diego

3rd – Nick and Sandy Klein, Golden Gate


’67 BJ8:

 1st - Irv and Zenta Kovalik, Golden Gate

2nd – Jerry and Katie Costanzo, Golden Gate

3rd - Jay and Katie Miller, So. California




 1st – Edwin and Abbe Neumeyer, So. California & San Diego

2nd - Richard and Tweedy Olson, Golden Gate

3rd – Phil and Nancy Caliva, Southern California


Best in Show:


1960 BT7 – Dex and Peggy Kaytis, Southern California