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United Artists Meet & Tech Session 4/9

Peter Roses | Published on 4/9/2022

United Artists Meet & Tech Session 4/9

Our combined UA Meet and Tech Session is usually well attended and this year was no exception. Our day started at the United Artists Theater Early Rodders show with 18 cars and as many members on hand. After an hour or so of Healey Talk and checking out the other classic and unique cars at the meet, we were on our way up the hill to 5132 Ocean View.


This years’ Tech Session had at least five separate activities, although the primary goal was cosmetics. To start the day every Healey in attendance had an opportunity for a full Custom Detail performed by Second2none staff. The lucky winner was Tim McNiff and his “63 BJ7.


Second2none had two crews on hand to detail 3 cars. Their staff explained the process while detailing the cars, although I think after describing the process few would take on the tasks necessary to do a professional detail.


Steve Bode, AKA Quinn the Eskimo, performed paint correction to the Rash/Road Chips on any owner that wanted his service.


Steve has a paint pallet on hand to custom mix just about any color and that is one of the many reasons he paint correction service is so valued to classic car owners. In all, seven cars signed up for the service and by noon all were finished to the owner’s satisfaction. The last car for this service was Ed Neumeyer’s custom Healey, which had to be towed to the Tech Session due to a thrown fan belt.


Thanks to Russ Thompson’s help, it left the Tech Session both running and with paint touchups completed.


Technically, we focused our Q&A session to Sprites; with our experts Tom Colby and Russ Thompson on hand.


They answered questions and filled in the Technical knowledge of our Sprite owners.


Before we broke for lunch, Steve Kirby performed an actual fire suppression demonstration of the Extreme Fire Extinguisher. The chemistry of this new system allows for release of potassium nitrate which oxidizes rapidly and absorbs all of the available oxygen, thus suppressing the fire. Other benefits often overlooked are that the Extreme system last 50 seconds as opposed to 8 seconds for a standard 4 lb traditional extinguisher and the Extreme System leave no residue.


Another benefit is that the unit has no expiration date. Steve was able to sell almost all the units he had with him.


Next on our agenda was lunch and the traditional Board Meeting, where the final preparations for California Healey Week were reconciled. In all, a successful Tech Session thanks to Second2none, Steve Bode, Russ Thompson, Tom Colby, Steve Kirby, our Board and of course all the attending members.


Until next time- Peter