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San Clements Outlets - 6/13

Chuck Lakowski | Published on 6/13/2020

After a low turnout at the Peninsula C&C the previous week I wanted to try the Outlets C&C in San Clemente. The drive includes a stop at Donut Derelicts in Huntington Beach. When I arrived, I found the Donut Derelicts parking lot full. While I was looking for a parking spot I ran into Phil also looking for a spot so we decided to park across the street and walk over. As always, the Donut Derelicts has a little bit of everything. While we checked out all the nice rides we met up with club members Randy Clary and Gary Clendenning, and soon to be club member Steve Johnson in his Jensen Healey. After Binishing our coffee and donuts, it’s time to head south down PCH to The Outlets at San Clemente. This is another great drive that runs along the ocean. We arrived to an almost full parking lot. Club members, Terry Morgan, Steve Heck, and Dick Ames were already parked. On our way over to Ruby’s for a bite to eat we ran into some old friends of Phil’s from his racing days and they joined us at Ruby’s for breakfast. I was pretty lazy about taking photos (more talking, less camera action) but I did manage to get one of Steve Heck as he was leaving. I have included the link for the C&C at San Clemente video so you can see all the cars if you are interested.


Terry Morgan is about 2:59, Steve Heck 3:34, Chuck and Phil 11:04, Dick Ames 11:12, Gary Clendenning and Steve Johnson 19:04. You might want to check out the Sunbeam Tigers at 19:50 minutes into the video.


A very satisfying morning that included a great drive, interesting conversations and lots of beautiful cars to look at.