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21st Annual San Diego Rolling British Car Day

Published on 4/17/2016


I really needed to get my Healey out of the garage and take her out for a long “stretch of the legs” as they say... so the annual San Diego Roling British Car Day was my event of choice.


It was a busy day of car events all over Southern California, and I believe, but I’m not sure, that I was the only member of AHA to attend this one.


This year, the event again featured two starting points, north and south, and the northern meeting point was at a delightful place called “Bit O Britain” in Vista. The place is a combination Tea Room and British grocery store located in an industrial park, and the gracious owners opened on Sunday to welcome us, as well as providing fee tea, scones, marmalade, and delicious English breakfast sausages wrapped in puff pastry!


One of the great things about this event is the excellent variety of all cars British, new and old. A couple of my favorites were a rare Sunbeam Talbot, and a Jaguar C-Type (replica I believe?) but stunning nonetheless. Our group included six beautiful Austin Healey’s - two “Bugeye’s” and four 3000’s. Promptly at 10:00am, we were given our route maps and the glorious sound of 50+ L.B.C’s roaring to life filled the morning air, along with the nostalgic aroma of unburned petrol and burning oil. Splendid! So, off we went....along the beautiful back roads of northern San Diego county, up near Lake Hodges, Del Dios Highway, Elfin Forest, the entire length of Highland Valley Road, through old downtown Escondido and then north to our final destination at Deer Park Winery just beyond Welk Village.


It was here that we met up with the larger “southern” group of cars, about 100 I would say. The drive lasted about two hours, and I was told that there were no accidents or break-downs....amazing! 


Deer Park kindly allowed us to park on the grass and (mostly) in the shade. We gathered at a shaded picnic area with tables and restrooms...the shade now being very welcome on this hot day.


Our $10.00 tour entry fee included admission to the Auto and Memorabilia Museum located on the grounds. The winery did not sell any food, but our hosts from the San Diego British Car Club Council, Joanie and Craig, had advised everyone to bring a picnic lunch. The only thing missing from mine was refreshment, so I purchased a nice bottle of wine from the store there to help support the event, and to complement my lunch of chicken and potato salad. A delightful day, indeed.


 Many thanks to all who organized and produced this fun event.