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Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 11/3

Published on 11/3/2018


Inland Empire - Farmer Boys- 11/3

Greetings Group, I wasn't sure if I would be taking one of my Healey’s to our breakfast meeting.  Last Saturday, as I was getting out of my modified, I strained something in my back.  I was parked under the parking hoist in my garage and had to crouch as I got out.  I've done this lots of times but this time I must have bent wrong.  So, I start taking the Ibuprofen, wear the back brace for a few days and try to take it easy.


I'm not good at taking it easy.  I have projects.  Things to do.  Well, I was able to drive my modified to breakfast and was very grateful.  It was a gorgeous nippy fall morning perfect for a short drive to see friends.  Jimmie Davis was already there in his AH 100 as well as Randy Clary and Gary Clendening with their brace of Jensen Healeys.  Jim Cregg brought his AH 3000 BT7 this time.  We don't see it too much.  Tom Hauss was there with his AH BJ8.


Sandy and I were in our AH 100 modified.  Bill Wilkman was is his 1958 AH Sprite AN5 MKI.  Brad Benson came by on his way to another event.


All in all, another good get together.  We hope to see you next time if you missed this one.  It will be on December 1st at 8:00 am at Farmer Boys on Alessandro in Riverside.