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From the President

Steve Kirby | Published on 4/1/2021

Two years ago, I, along with about two dozen other AHASC members, attended the AHCA Conclave in Deadwood, SD. It was a big event with over 250 cars, well organized and fun. The town of Deadwood is sort of Las Vegas meets Tombstone. A little touristy, but what the heck, we were tourists! Needless to say, the AHCA is always on the lookout for Clubs interested in hosting a future Conclave. I got to thinking that it would be pretty cool for our Club to host sometime. I discussed it with several prominent members and got a good response. After all, we have been running California Healey Week for over four decades and Conclave isn’t that much different............or so I thought.


Now, a year later, and sixty days out from the Opening Ceremonies, and despite being ably assisted by over 40 volunteers and 30 committees, I sit in my office on Saturday (and Sunday) attending to a million details. I lay awake at night wondering “what I have forgotten?”. I keep a notepad by my bed so I can empty my brain and get back to sleep.


As I mentioned, I am so fortunate to have such a large group of volunteers helping (see the list later on in this issue), but a couple of them really deserve special mention and thanks.


First, Mike Scroogie, my co-chair, is responsible for Sponsorship and Silent Auction donations. These funding sources are critical to keeping registration fees down and the event in the black. We have an impressive list of sponsors committed (see the sponsor panel elsewhere in this issue) and have done a great job of fundraising. Thanks Mike.


Jay Miller (assisted by webmaster Janet Sowell) has been responsible for pre-Event Registration management. Not only has Jay had to process the almost 200 registrations, but he also invariably must get involved in correcting errors made in the process. Every registrant must be contacted with hotel info and the vast majority require corrections.


And then there are the inevitable cancellations and attendant refunds to process and mail. Thanks Jay, you’ve done a great job, but I fear your work is far from over.


So where do we stand? As of today, 182 registrants comprising 360 people. 158 cars in the car show and 91 in the gymkhana. 301 attending the BBQ Dinner and 330 for the Vinal night’s Banquet. That’s quite a crowd.


Finally, don’t forget the Regalia Store (www.conclave2021- We will not have any sized items for sale at Conclave, you must order in advance. And even if you are not attending, you are welcome to order. NOTE: THE REGALIA STORE WILL CLOSE ON MAY 1 TO ALLOW TIME TO MANUFACTURE THE ITEMS ORDERED.....SO ORDER NOW! Hope to see you on the road!