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Conclave 2017 - Waco, TX July 9-14, 2017

Published on 7/9/2017


Conclave 2017

We were planning to visit our son and his wife in Dallas and as coincidence would have it, our trip got scheduled at the same time as Conclave 2017 in Waco! We arrived in Dallas on Sunday afternoon and drove down to Waco passing some massive storm clouds on the way.


After checking into the hotel we met a couple from Tennessee who had just arrived and they told us of arriving at the hotel during a heavy rainstorm and parking under the entranceway roof just as hail hit.  Welcome to Texas weather! Monday was car show day and the rain stayed away but not the humidity.  There were about 45-50 cars displayed in front of the Convention Center.  There were about 11 BJ8's, seven bugeyes and the remainder distributed among the other classes.  We saw two license plates from Canada as well as plates from Illinois, Indiana, Florida, Tennessee, many from Texas as well as other states.  It was fun seeing cars we had not seen before, including a fresh restoration out of Chicago and a nice BJ8 for sale out of Louisiana.


There is an old cattle bridge across the Brazos River at the Conclave location which is now a pedestrian bridge and a party on the bridge was arranged for Monday night.  A nice event that gave us time to meet more folks and talk Healeys.  Among the folks we met were a past president of the San Diego Club and Reid Trummel, Editor of the Healey Marque.  We enjoyed visiting with couples from Houston and Tennessee as well.