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Tustin Legacy Cars & Coffee 8/14

Tim McNiff | Published on 8/14/2022

Tustin Legacy Cars & Coffee 8/14

Whoa! Slept through the alarm and by the time I hit the road I knew I wasn’t going to make it to the Fun Zone in time. Instead, I headed directly for the Legacy complex off Red Hill and Barranca Parkway. I arrived at 7:35 and found lots of parking still available. No sooner had I parked, unloaded my chair, and started wiping down the car, than George McHarris pulled in next to me with Kathy in the passenger seat. After greeting them and having a quick catch up with George, I noticed John Hummer and Alice pull in, followed shortly by Chuck Lakowski.


I asked Chuck if he been down to the Fun Zone before Tustin and he answered “yes, and I was feeling lonely as the only Healey.” I wondered why Larry Netherton hadn’t been there, the answer arrived a few moments later as Larry pulled into the parking lot. the next hour or so consisted of coffee, donuts, conversation and car admiring. Alice Johnson was busy trying to get the Sprite owning Doctor and his daughter to join the club. As the sun rose higher so did the temperature and soon it was time to head back to the Glendale foothills.