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UA Theater and Tech Session - 3/18

Published on 3/18/2017


UA Theater and Tech Session 3_18

Our Tech Session started out as customary with the  Healeys meeting at the United Artists Theater in La  Canada. A great turnout of 15 Healeys on a bright,  sunshiny morning marked the start of our day. Phil  Caliva showed up with his new Black over White  BJ8. Sadly Phil was off to another commitment and  could not attend the Tech Session so we will have to  wait for a detailed inspection of the car. New  members Lisa and Dave Thorne attended their first  event and were welcomed by the members of the  Club and sight of so many Healeys. Additionally,  Dex Kaytis, Greg Aden, John Hedblom, Russ  Thompson, Tom Spangler, Mike Scroggie, Jon  Dougherty, Tim McNiff, Jeff Boysen, Matt Meyer,  George Merino, Lou Fisher and myself had cars at  the meet. Member Duke Hingley was there with his  1940 Coupe and Steve Gerow and Dan Burrola  attended in their “other” cars.


Next we were on our way up the hill to a breakfast  of bagels, Danish and coffee at 5132 Ocean View  Ave., the Roses’ casa. The day’s events include three  demonstrations: Moto Lita Steering Wheel refinish,  Rocker Valve Adjustment and Squeaky urethane  bush remedy. Our initial group was joined by Jay  Miller in his BJ8 and the following members in the  non-classics: Larry Bryant, Charlie Hart, Jimmie  Davis, Bill Wilkman, Steve Kirby, Bill Hoyt, Rusty  Massie, Ed Neumeyer, Terry Morgan, and Peter  Prothero.


Peter was up first with a detailed process for  refinishing the Moto Lita Steering Wheel; which  started with a rough sanding using 150 grit sand  paper. Followed by 350 grit paper with the final  finish smooth and all nicks and original stain and  sealer removed. Due to the compressed timeframe  the final application of stain and sealer will wait for  another day. Look to next month’s newsletter for the  finished steering wheel images.


Steve Gerow led the next demonstration of Valve  Lash Adjustment on Dex Kaytis’ Healey. Steve  removed the valve cover, ignition cap and plugs to  enable the adjustments. The process used by Steve is  standard, in that each intake and exhaust valve  clearance with the valve closed is measured and  adjusted to 0.012“  clearance. The  process is done  hot on BJ8 and is  lengthy to ensure  the accuracy of  the adjustments  and requires the  rotation of the  cam to achieve  the valve closure.


Our final  demonstration  addressed the  squeaky urethane  bushes. Many  Healey owners  have replaced  their rubber  bushes with

urethane bushes and have experienced  squeaks from the bush. We removed  the upper Grunion Arm to access the  bushes and removed them. Next  Mobile 1 Synthetic Grease was applied  and the bush reinstalled and upper  control arms attached. Hopefully the  squeaks will be gone.


During the demonstrations a number  of on-site conversations and  discussions from the many members  who consider themselves near-experts  on all things Healey and the overall  chatter helped to fill the gaps in time.


Lunch, a board meeting, and a  discussion on the European Healey  Meet in 2018 finished the day. Many  thanks to the members who attended,  those who helped with the  demonstrations and Alexandra, who  coordinated all the food and served as  hostess. See you next year for another  winter tech session.