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Tustin Legacy Cars & Cofee 7/11

Alice Johnson | Published on 7/11/2021

Tustin Legacy Cars & Coffee 7/11

The enjoyment I experience at Tustin Legacy, located at Flight Way and Barranca Parkway in Irvine, the second Sunday of each month, comes in small packages. (Ready?) 

  • Small drive to get there in the early- morning marine layer and home in the hot, burny sun. Yay!
  • Small amount of time to Kind a parking place. Directional advisors and orange cones do a great job!
  • Small venue. Intimate setting. Can’t lose your spouse or our group. AND, more importantly, they can’t lose you! • Small amount of time it takes me to Kind a photographer for our group shot.
  • Small number of Healeys we don’t recognize and to whom we want to introduce ourselves.
  • Small question: “Have you joined the Club?”
  • Small talk. It’s really fun! (And super easy!)
  • Small pauses for absorbing fascinating license plates.
  • Small, innumerable photo ops! Color-on- metal. Shiny chrome. Can’t get enough of it!
  • Small chance of one Healey stranger. Didn’t we all know each other in a previous life?!
  • Small list of model numbers.


    Thank goodness.


  • Small paint chits. Memorable names. British Motors Corp.
  • Small list of technical questions-- engine size, positive vs negative ground.
  • Small chance the gorgeous purple-ish burgundy, red interior, won’t catch your eye.
  • Small detail of a verbal email address you need to remember to send CLUB information.
  • Small row of exiting cars (Phil Caliva, Chuck Lakowski with Terry Morgan passenger-ing.)
  • Small conversation with Chuck-- he’s driving, I’m walking alongside. “Guess what? There’s another Healey we spotted leaving our parking spaces!” (How is that possible?!)
  • Small amount of detective work to Kind the owner of that one-- absolutely gorgeous, white-over-green, newly-renovated, literally first-day-out, Henry Camisasca’s 100M.
  • Small amount of time, coupled with elation, to learn Henry IS an AHASC club member.


Yay!  I wouldn’t give up these second-Sunday-of-the- month mornings - small packages of big smiles, fun  pictures, warm hugs, self-imposed tech sessions and strolls on the asphalt with special friends - ‘for love nor money’... the casual conversations with people I might know well or may never see again. All these reasons and more... exactly why we love our Healeys!