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Brits at Belmont Shore - 8/5

Chuck Lakowski | Published on 8/5/2020


Brits at Belmont Shores 8_5

I will chalk it up to a senior moment. Okay, an all week senior moment. I completely forgot about the first Wednesday Belmont Shore British Car Night. Thank goodness Bob Bolling called and wanted to know if we were still on for our “Safety Meeting” before driving down to Belmont Shore. I’m glad someone was paying attention. So, Bob, Jay and I met up for the drive down to Ballast Point for a bite to eat before heading to Belmont Shore. We never take the fastest and most direct route since that is way too easy and not as much fun. We met up with Dex in the parking lot at Ballast Point. While waiting for Phil, a friend of Bob’s showed up in a nice Bugeye Sprite and joined us as we waited for our table. While having dinner we got a call from Phil letting us know he’s not going to make it. Seems like his AH Nasty Boy doesn’t like stop and go (more stop than go) traffic on the freeway. He was calling us from the CHP truck weigh station on the 405. He was so close we all voted that he should get points anyway. We arrived at Belmont Shore to a crowded parking lot and a nice turn out of British sport cars. The summer weather is here making it perfect for an evening drive. Our club was well represented. New club member Flavio Montoro stopped by in is his very nice Green over White BJ8. Club members attending: Bob Bolling, Dex Kaytis, Jay Miller, Flavio Montoro, Ken Rocke, Chuck Lakowski, and of course Phil Caliva. NOTE We will be changing our “Safety Meeting” location from Ballast Point to the Belmont Brewing Co. which is adjacent to the parking lot for British Car Night. We meet up about 5:00, so if you are in the area please join us.