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Brits at Belmont Shore - 2/6

Published on 2/6/2019

Brits at Belmont Shores

Bob Bolling and I joined up and caravanned down to Brits at Belmont Shore and arrived just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset. We were definitely early birds but it wasn’t long before there was a steady stream of cars showing up. Tonight was a very nice turnout of British cars, including a rare MGC GT with an automatic transmission. Just when I thought I’d seen everything another Jensen Healey showed up. That’s right, two at the same event! Not long after that Dex Kaytis showed up in his yellow Bugeye. That’s a full house in my book: Two Jensen Healeys and three Austin Healeys (2 Bugeyes and Bob’s Big Healey). The evening started out chilly but got worse. As some of the group made their way to the Belmont Brewing Company to warm up, Bob and I decided to wrap it up and head for home. As always, a great drive, great company, and great conversation at Belmont Shore.


I didn’t get the name of the owner of the other Bugeye and Bob and Dex didn’t know him either. Hopefully he will show up next month and I’ll be ready with a membership form. The other Jensen Healey belongs to Gary, who I think is a member of the Austin Healey Club of America; we are trying to convince him he needs to join AHASC.


I would like to nominate Dex for extra points or a medal for perseverance or something.


This is the second month in a row that Dex has had to fight really bad traffic to attend this event in his Bugeye at night. It has taken him over 90 minutes to get to this event when it should only take about 25 to 35 minutes depending on traffic. I hope his ride home is much faster.