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The Triple Crown of Car Shows 9/12 & 9/13

Phil Caliva | Published on 9/12/2020


The Triple Crown of Car Shows

On Saturday I met up with Chuck Lakowski and Bob Bolling at Donut Derelicts at 6:30am. We did our usual once over of the great cars and crazy people, then at 0745 we headed South on PCH to join up with the San Clemente gang at the south OC Cars and Coffee. We had a superb drive and perfect weather. Mike Scroggie will be doing the story of that event.


Sunday morning, I drove south again and arrived at the Balboa Fun Zone car show at 7:00am. I walked to the nearby Bakery and Sandwich shop and ordered the best Ham, Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant with Jalapenos on the side. WOW, what a way to start the triple car day. Chuck Lakowski will be doing the write up. Anyway, the show was the usual small group of cars; but it’s always fun. At 7:45, Chuck, Tim McNiff, Dexter Kaytis and his granddaughter Paige, departed for the Legacy show in Tustin. We arrived to a nice crowd, including members George McHarris and Chris Savage, and a very nice assortment of classics, including a large contingent of woodies. I stayed for little over an hour and then headed north to Redondo Beach.


Now this is my part of the story. On the 9th of September it was announced that the owner of the Redondo Beach Ruby's Restaurant could not come to a new lease agreement that would keep the doors open. The city has been waiting to shut Ruby's down, they have big plans for the property. So, Ruby's officially shut the business down for good. A real loss to all for sure. A car club in the area passed the word on social media that on Sunday, 9/13, a last farewell cruise at Ruby's would take place between 11am and closing. Wow, what a turn out. Without exaggeration, close to 1000 cars of all types and quality showed up for the show. Cars were lined up on both sides of the street trying to enter, but the parking lot was full beyond capacity and many of my car friends never made it into the show. An unreal crowd of spectators was also present. Our Club was well represented with Corkey and Lupe Holt, Dexter, and Greg Aden. Of my South Bay car buddies: Winston with his XK 120 Jaguar, Sandy Bettelman, Bruce Hand and some of the Tiger club members. The best car show ever at Ruby's. WOW again.


I left around 1:00pm anticipating the exodus and sure enough those who hung out a little too long, had to wait up to an hour to pay for parking with only two pay booths open. What a way to end an incredible weekend. So sorry I did not take pictures. Ciao