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Inland Empire - 8/7

Ron Davies | Published on 8/7/2021

Inland Empire - 8/7

Greetings group, It was actually a nice cool morning for a change as we drove to Farmer Boys for breakfast and classic car appreciation. We started up Center St. in Redlands and fell in behind Mark Gorden in his AH 3000. We followed him turn for turn to Riverside through San Timoteo Canyon and he must have though we were stalking him. We were in our '13 Miata and he didn't recognize us until we pulled beside him on the freeway.


We arrived a little before 8am and started lining up next to Bill Wilkman's Austin A-40 Sports which coincidentally was sporting a beautiful brand new soft-top that he will probably never put down. A great Oinishing touch to his car. Nice job.


Randy Clary brought a " What the heck is it? ". No one was able to guess it's use so he took us to the parking lot for a demonstration. It turned out to be an ingenious tool Randy made to straighten and align the front bumper to the bonnet on his Jensen. The tool is comprised of a turnbuckle with steel braces welded to the ends of the all thread. The tool is used to push the top of the bumper until the gap of the bumper and the bonnet are even.


We said our goodbyes to Gary Clendenning who is moving to Oklahoma. OOOKLHOMA . He has family in the area and It's the start of a new adventure.

We wish him well. As Three Dog Night would say," I've never been to Heaven but I've been to Oklahoma." (credit to Brad Benson) Attendees to this event in classics were: Bill Wilkman - '51 Austin A-40 Sports Mark Gorden - '60 AH 3000 BT7 Jim Cregg - '61 AH 3000 BT7 Larry Reynolds - '64 Morgan +4 Gary Clendenning - '73 Jensen Healey Randy Clary - '73 Jensen Healey Kelly and Marion Barton - '62 MGA Daniel Mensinger - '65 Sunbeam Tiger Tom Yaeger - '51 Jaguar MK V Ed Neumeyer - '67 AH BJ8 Attendees in other vehicles because you don't need to bring a classic to join in were; Ron and Sandy Davies - '13 Mazda Miata MX5 Jimmie Davis - '04 Mercury - working on a '56 AH 100 Andy Pierson - Ford F-250 - working on a AH 3000 David Humphfries - '20 Toyota Tacoma - For you old timers, David is Ellis Humphfries son. Ellis was E & E Enterprises in Calimesa and our source for club regalia in the old days. David is working on a '56 AH 100 with racing history.


We knocked around the parking lot for awhile then went in for a nice breakfast.


We will meet again in September at Farmer Boys on Saturday the 4th at 8am. We know you can't always make it but we are always glad when you can.


Cheers . . .