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Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise-In 12/10

Published on 12/10/2017


Petersen Museum Breakfast Cruise-In 12/10

As I got ready to head down to the Petersen Museum for the cruise-in that was being held early due to the Holidays, my wife asked if I thought anyone else from the club would be there, since the Club Party was that afternoon. I said, “I’m sure Phil will be there since they are giving test rides in the new Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV’s.” Well, Phil wasn’t there.


There were a lot of people there though. And it seemed a lot of the spectators were new to the cruise-in and were enjoying the wide variety of cars and a few motorcycles. The four or five Stelvios that were on hand from an Alfa dealership were in constant motion as people took advantage of the opportunity to drive them. Base models were about $42,500. And the fully-loaded sport model was around $55,000. Since the Alfa Romeo was the car-of-the-day, the Alfa owners turned out in force, from an older GTV to a new Spyder.


The unique car of the day was a 1951 Panhard Dyna. This French panel van had been a bakery delivery truck for years, and you could still smell the aroma of baguettes when you opened the doors.