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Automobile Museum Orphan Car Show

Published on 11/10/2018


Automobile Museum Orphan Car Show

On November 10th, a half dozen Healey folks gathered at the Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo for their Orphan Car Show.  The criteria for entry was that your car had to be made by a company no longer in business.  In attendance were Tim McNiff, Mike Scroggie, Mike Biss, Greg Aden, Jay Miller and late comer, Phil Caliva.


Through an oversight, none of our Healeys were included in the prize winners but former member Dom Valentino did win Best Interior with his 1951 International Metro Snap On truck.  It is a great looking truck and did deserve a trophy.  There was an eclectic group of cars in attendance and among the trophy winners were: a 1932  Packard 900 Coupe- Roadster, a 1955  Packard Caribbean and a 1935 Auburn Boat Tail Speedster.


Nice cars, tough competition.


It was fun roaming the museum and if you have not been there it is worth a look.


They are getting active with some teenage and children's programs that could spark some interest in auto care and repair in the next generation.