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From the Vice President

Published on 7/5/2016

Hello to all you Healey lovers…it was great to see so many of you in Yosemite! I think a wonderful time was had by all.


The weather and the altitude put some stress on our old cars, a few of which had problems, though most performed admirably.


A drive like the one to the Park is a real test for our 50-60 year old cars and certainly underscores the need for regular maintenance. I would suggest that you would be well served by putting your Healey on a “time and distance” maintenance schedule. By this I mean that each service should be performed within a set number of miles OR a set period of time, whichever comes first. Many of us drive so few miles that the “3000 mile oil change interval” becomes irrelevant…that could be FIVE years between oil changes. That’s certainly not a good plan.


As we all know, all the fluids and lubricants in our cars are subject to degradation over time. So no more “if the oil ain’t black, I ain’t changin’ it” …let’s get those fluids changed and don’t forget the brake and clutch fluids which absorb water and can vapor lock on a hot day, and that still pretty green antifreeze that’s eating your engine block because the rust inhibitors are all used up.


Now that you’ve got your tune on, consider attending some of the recurring events listed in the newsletter and on the website. Most of these are held on Saturday or Sunday mornings and offer a great way to start the day and give the Healey a little exercise. After all, you’re going to change that oil after twelve months anyway, regardless of the mileage, so you might as well get some use out of it. Hope to see you at an upcoming event soon.