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United Artists Theatre

Published on 8/20/2016

United Artists Theater


While the hot days of summer still linger, our local Healeys gathered at the UA for Spirit Points, Coffee and Healey talk. This week’s discussion was primarily on cooling options for the Big Healey and Dennis Williams’ all-aluminum radiator. Which, after breakfast, we planned to drop off at Russ Thompson’s for installation into Dennis’s BN7. This new all- aluminum radiator, plus pusher fan and the already installed oil cooler should transfer all the heat generated by the 3000 engine back to the atmosphere. Time will tell and in a couple of weeks Dennis should be able to have a real world test.


Our Editor, Tim McNiff, was on hand with newly serviced painted wire wheel from Pico Wheel in the San Fernando Valley. Looking at a clean set of 60-spoke wheels made me wonder why I changed to chrome wheels when the original painted spokes look so correct. And I of course continued to show off my Dynamator Alternator which looks like the original generator in the engine compartment. This type of “show and tell’ goes on every week with the conversation often starting with “well enough about your car let me tell you about my Healey. Try to join us next month on September 16 at the UA.


Until then….