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Brits at Belmont Shore Car Night 10/6

Chuck Lakowski | Published on 10/6/2021

This is the second month in a row we have had a great turnout of cars. I counted 18 British cars. I guess people were wanting to take advantage of the balmy weather. Bob Bolling and I caravanned to Belmont Shore without our usual stop for either dinner or a snack. Projects at home have kept both of us pretty busy, but at least we were able to carve out a little time to drive our cars.


When we arrived, we were greeted by Phil Caliva in his BJ8 and an admiring crowd of seagulls. Jackie and David Deamer’s AH 3000 was there but they were having dinner at the Belmont Brewery. We were soon joined by Flavio Montoro in his AH 3000. We had some nice conversations about upcoming car events with other attendees, including the Fall Colors Sierras Drive (fingers crossed it is actually the beautiful colors we will be seeing and not snow flurries) and the Petersen Automotive Museum’s “James Bond” car exhibit.


There were some nice cars that showed up but no opportunities to entice new club members. In last month’s newsletter, Steve Kirby made an observation about how some people are wary of joining clubs where they will be expected to attend meetings, etc. Regular events like these are the best kind of “business meetings.” You show up when you feel like it and your car is cooperating, and you get to talk about events both past and future and you are sure to learn something new. I always keep club applications in my car and now I have some new selling points. Another great evening in Belmont Shore.