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Dana Point Car Show 10/17

Tony Trentacost | Published on 10/17/2021

Dana Point Car Show 10/17

Members had a great day in Dana Point. We started it off super early about 6:00 a.m.


when we met at Starbucks with John and Alice Hummer, Richard Schneider (with his beautiful blue Triumph), Ken  Burgi, and of course me, Tony- the-Bone Trentacost.


Thankfully, Alice kept us all in line. We left Starbucks about 6:15 and headed over to the check-in for the show, and thanks to Richard, we got a great spot. Once parked, we went up to the front to check out restaurant options, and sure enough, along comes Phil Caliva at 8:00, just in time for breakfast at Bonjour Cafe. Phil cracked us up as usual when he said he got up at 6:30, brushed his front tooth, combed his hair, and hit the road. That’s Phil, he’ll go anywhere, anytime, to any show.


The show was fantastic with more than 100(?) cars, and we ended up having several Healeys there. Ed Fox and Steve Heck joined us with their Healey’s, and Kathy Green took Scroggie’s spot with a beautiful little blue Triumph GT6. We also connected with Tom and Paige Rubinate with their Tin Woody Wagon. There was also a ‘59 Ford Skyliner that was a big hit. Plus, Steve Kirby would appreciate the beautiful MK2 Jaguar. Overall, we had a great day talking to visitors in a great setting with beautiful weather. As always, there was a lot of interest and appreciation for our Healeys, including kids climbing in and out of John’s and my cars to have their pictures taken – yikes! We even met a couple of Healey owners that expressed interest in joining the club.


Just another great Healey day!