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Laguna Beach Classic Car Show 9/26

Alice Johnson | Published on 9/26/2021

Laguna Beach Classic Car Show 9/26

The 2021 Laguna Beach Classic Car Show was held the last Sunday of September in the Canyon. I can’t tell you what a special day it was for all of us! Chris Savage, Rick Shoemaker, John Hummer (with yours truly,) Gerry Bishop, Tony Trentacost, Greg Aden, Ed Fox, Andy Xagorarakis-Spangler, Dick Ames, Paige and Tom Rubinate and Van Schultz parked their Healeys side-by-side in a newly-renovated parking lot which elevated our experience exponentially! And... Mike Scroggie drove his gorgeous red Porsche 356 upon the request of the Show—not enough 356’s were going to be there. ‘Go Mike!’ The time flew by. You can tell by my pics we all enjoyed being together, which makes for great photo ops and fun  conversations. The Healey ‘color wheel’ was well- represented-- always my favorite detail.


There were THREE in our group-- Dick, Andy and Van—who very-much deserved to pull their cars into their garages at the end of a full day, with medals hanging around their necks. “Way to go guys!” In the Healey Class, Dick (with his 1960 beautiful blue 3000) and Andy (with his oh-so-fun pale yellow 1961 Bugeye) won Outstanding Car. Van (with his Florida Green over British Cream extremely-rare 100M) was awarded Best in Class! Congratulations to each of you! When we flip our calendars, try to get this special 2022 Sunday on yours. Tons of fun, and even more for all of us, if you would be there too!